First impressions are everything, which is why FRSTeam works to earn your trust the moment we receive your claim by providing prompt, polite, professional service. We are empathetic and accommodating to your needs and try to be supportive during your time of trouble.

Key Benefits

  • Arrive within 2-4 hours of claim notification
  • Return emergency clothing items within 1-2 business days
  • Supply detailed inventory and invoice within 4-5 business days

Upon receiving the claim, we contact you immediately and set a time for pickup if one has not been scheduled. When one of our job coordinators arrives at the site, he or she will explain our services and work with you to set aside an emergency order of clothing, document your belongings with photos, determine the extent of the damage and required scope and document the conditions of the items requiring restoration.

Setting aside an emergency order is a critical step in our process. As part of the emergency order process, we determine that there are enough clothes, accessories and specialty items to accommodate your needs for approximately two weeks and work to deliver these items by the next business day so that you can be comfortable during the remainder of the process.

During the onsite inventory of your items, our job coordinators conduct a detailed analysis of furs, leathers, window coverings, rugs, sports memorabilia, wedding gowns and other sentimental items. We review window coverings for sun damage and ensure that furs are not dried or damaged, that leathers don’t have blemishes or linings have tears and that area rugs don’t contain pre-existing stains or damage. We document our findings with written and photo documentation and review the results with you before leaving to make sure that you have a clear understanding of the process and to answer any of your questions.

The remaining items are then carefully packed and taken back to our warehouse where a detailed inventory will be conducted and provided to everyone involved in the claim within five business days to makes it easier for the adjuster to take care of what he or she needs to do and so that you know which of your items are safely in our possession.

Setting a good first impression is a primary goal for FRSTeam. We go out of our way to create a memorable moment for you and leave you with a feeling of trust, confidence and security.