We are fabric restoration experts specializing in the recovery of clothing and textiles damaged by smoke, fire, water and mold and offering a problem-free, unique experience that exceeds expectations. Our sophisticated job and relationship management system called FRSTaid enables ongoing communication between our fabric restoration experts and you as fundamental service steps are performed. Our tracking and reporting methods ensure consistent, quality service that guarantees your satisfaction.

Emergency Services

We can provide you with an emergency order of clothing and other items to sustain you while your other contents and your home are being restored. Generally, emergency orders can be completed and returned within 24–48 hours.

Dry Cleaning and Laundry

FRSTeam operators use the most advanced cleaning technologies available to deliver a consistently high level of quality cleaning.

Specialty Cleaning

We have developed specialized cleaning processes for specialty items like pillows, shoes, belts, purses, flags, wedding gowns, rugs, leather, fur, stuffed animals, dolls, blinds, shades, valances, swags, drapes, tapestries, kimonos, saris and other exotics.


Our experienced staff can assist in evaluating the cleanabillity of items that may have sustained irreparable damage, that are in frail or weak condition or that are not cost effective to restore due to age, condition or estimated value.


Our facilities can store restored items in climate-controlled, secured and insured warehouses where you may visit.