If you haven’t joined a national group because you’ve been waiting for the right fit and opportunity, or you wish to make a change for the better with a truly select offering, then now is the time to join our team; join FRSTeam!

The committed FRSTeam management staff recognizes that the best strategy for building a national, industry-leading brand is to team up with experienced people like you–those who share the core values of service, integrity and quality. Working together, the FRSTeam members can collaborate with confidence and mutual support to grow their independent businesses, leverage national accounts and maintain the highest levels of quality and service in the industry.

Take the next step toward your future and your goal of maximizing the potential of your own business! Be part of a winning team! The team with the FIRST name in fabric restoration: FRSTeam!

Before you begin as a FRSTeam member

  • Meet the FRSTeam support staff and receive customized, comprehensive operations training to maximize efficiency and minimize costs at your facility
  • Receive specialized, superior customer service training with detailed procedures for working with customers and incorporating our relationships management tool, FRSTaid, into your service cycle
  • Receive comprehensive sales training and marketing support to give you the FRSTeam competitive edge, including sales plan development, presentation training and how to make the most of FRSTaid’s performance metrics and reporting capabilities
  • Survey the knowledge and innovation of our own state-of-the-art 50,000-square-foot production facility and our experienced staff
  • Benefit from the networking opportunities provided by being part of a nationwide franchise

As You Operate Your FRSTeam Business

  • Access a range of useful and practical tools, such as operational, procedural and promotional materials
  • Receive onsite assistance and refresher training programs
  • Get ongoing support and updated training to help your business stay current and efficient
  • Receive regional and national sales support
  • The time is right to join an established organization with a complete service model that gets results

To learn more about the FRSTeam member program, view our Frequently Asked Questions below or contact us at our FRSTeam franchise sales and support center at 510-723-1008.

Do I need to have experience in restoration dry cleaning to join FRSTeam?

As experienced, quality dry cleaning business professionals, most FRSTeam franchisees will be able to take advantage of existing plants and retail locations. Because FRSTeam has extensive pre-opening training, expertise in fabric restoration is not a requirement. Franchisees will be able to use FRSTeam’s established branding, procedures, and systems to provide specialized services with efficient operating solutions to customers. FRSTeam will always strive to provide assistance to support the efforts of its team members.

How much will the FRSTeam investment cost me?

Your initial investment is estimated to be between $35,000 and $380,500. If you have an existing dry cleaning and/or restoration facility, your costs would be at the lower end of the range. As with any new business venture, it’s important to have adequate capital to finance your operation. FRSTeam will individually evaluate qualified prospective owners for resource optimization and cost reduction possibilities.

What will I receive as part of the FRSTeam system?

You and your key staff will complete one week of training at our headquarters plus one week of pre-opening training at your location. You’ll have access to all the FRSTeam procedures, systems and materials. And, you’ll receive, among other things, the loan of a detailed operations manual and the right to use all FRSTeam trademarks and our proprietary relationships management tool: FRSTaid. In addition, you can benefit from the efforts of our national sales program.

How do I get started?

If you’re interested in a FRSTeam franchise, email us at info@frsteam.com or call us at 510-723-1008.


“I made the decision to join FRSTeam after meeting with the company’s senior leadership.  They were inspiring leaders and I knew FRSTeam would be a great fit for me both personally and professionally. With their cutting edge technology, and forward thinking approach to textiles, I knew it was a match.  Best decision I ever made!”

Lori Gates
FRSTeam by Butlers, Arizona

“FRSTeam brings a bonafide, credible service structure to a, historically, very fragmented market.”

Bill Wright
FRSTeam by Royal Fine Cleaners, Alabama 

“This allows us to be a part of a large nationwide network whose members have the same high standards we do and will help us grow into new business markets”

Mitchell Rogers IV
FRSTeam by Rogers Garment Restoration, Florida

“Why did I choose FRSTeam? When it came down to making a choice it wasn’t a hard decision. FRSTeam has amazing leadership that really cares about the brand and the success of my business. FRSTeam makes every effort to work with us on solving problems and communicates effectively when introducing new initiatives. I love the family culture. They recognize our milestones and celebrate our successes. I could not imagine representing anyone else.”

Suzanne Stefanelli
FRSTeam by Tri-State

“After reviewing the options of restoration work as an individual company, we decided to check into the franchise options. After visiting several companies, FRSTeam became our First Choice. We are looking forward to increased volume with the restoration work.”

James Deaton
FRSTeam by Speedy’s Cleaners