FRSTeam’s various features, which include onsite photo documentation, simplified content adjustment and a virtual online closet, are just some of the steps that will make your experience with FRSTeam a memorable one.

Onsite Photo Documentation

When FRSTeam arrives onsite, we record the severity of your loss, giving you an upfront visual on the cause of origin and the quality of contents in your home. You can start receiving photos while we’re still at the loss site, making the initial assessments faster than ever. From a computer or smart phone, you’ll be able to visualize the overall severity, origin of loss, types of contents in your home, clothing items by room and damage to high-end items without having to download large picture files and piece them together.

Simplify the Content Adjustment Process

Instead of having to rely on confusing spreadsheets, line-item lists or your memory, you will have a visual catalogue of the non-restorable clothing items within your home. Now, descriptions like “Damaged: Blouse. Pink. Three.” are accompanied by a picture of the item, including brand name, color and size, and if it’s restorable. Valuation of non-restorable clothing items can be done collaboratively with you, and the online nature and photos verifying the facts ensure speed, accuracy and convenience for everyone.

Virtual Online Closet

When requested, most FRSTeam offices have the ability to photo inventory 100 percent of a your textiles and make them available via a shared virtual-closet–providing you with a great service opportunity to give visuals into what survived and what you may have to say goodbye to. In addition, it makes it easy for you to view your clothes by item, color or brand to bring peace of mind or help prepare needed clothing items after the initial visit.

See the onsite severity for yourself. Make assessments that are more accurate faster. And, have better access throughout the process with FRSTrack from FRSTeam. Let us handle your claim and experience FRSTrack firsthand.