How is payment handled?

The vast majority of work handled by FRSTeam is insurance related work. FRSTeam works with your insurance carrier to handle payment for services rendered.

Do you guarantee your work?

We guarantee that we only charge for the items that we are able to restore to pre-loss conditions.

How do you keep track of my items?

All items are carefully inventoried and tagged. Each claim that we handle is carefully restored without mixing with another order. Upon delivery, a count is conducted to ensure that all items are accounted for prior to final delivery.

Will my delicate items be properly cleaned?

We follow care labels, have the best cleaning technology available, and our personnel are skilled in handling delicate silks, rayon, cashmere, leather, furs and more.

What if I have allergies?

Please let us know when we first arrive. We are happy to process your items using your favorite cleaning materials and in a manner that does not aggravate your allergies.

When will I get my items back?

Rush order items are typically processed and returned within one to two days. The full order typically takes two to three weeks, or when you’re ready to return home.